How we do our research

Analysis of Raw Material Composition

  • Examination of copper/nickel state diagrams and impurities considering client’s raw material specifications.
  • Preliminary technological route formulation for purification, considering raw material type and final product.
  • Calculation of impurity distribution in the cast volume, based on client-provided values and final product requirements.
  • General understanding of metal refining processes.
  • Overview of the refinery process.

Development of a Computer Model for Processes

  • Calculation of the melting process for initial raw material, determining power.
  • Calculation of the melting process for initial raw material, refining power.
  • Creation of a computer model for the process using.
  • Evaluation of electricity consumption for raw material purification and production of impurity-compliant products.

Development of the Electrical Scheme and process algorithm

  • Determination of geometric and energetic parameters for the purification device, ensuring the formation of ingots with specified parameters.
  • Block diagram creation, development of the induction power control system algorithm.

Compilation of Modernization Measures for the Experimental Furnace

  • Selection of refractory material for the crucible and components of the power control system.
  • Selection of electronic components for power control system.
  • Adjustment of the control program for the experimental furnace based on calculations.
  • Device assignment.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Device and operation details.
  • Measurement tools, instruments, and accessories.
  • Marking and sealing.
  • Packaging.
  • Operational restrictions.