What is Puremelting device?

Smart device for gold and silver recycling

The “Puremelting” technology recycles the jewelry scrap 40-95% up to the pure metal ingor 99,99% by the combonation of advanced hardware and software combination.

Why to apply it?

  • Gold and silver prices and liquidity are higher if the metal is pure.
  • Gold and silver price is higher if it is pure.

How to use the device

1] Melt scrap

Prepare the gold and silver scrap. Melt it into rods.

2] Insert metal

Insert into device and press “START”. The furnace will recycle it and remove all impurities.

3] Get pure metal

Get the pure rod of gold and silver and remelt it into any shape that required by client.

Why it is better

0.05% Metal loss.

The best ratio of gold and silver metal loses during the processing.

Cloud connected.

The device uses to machine lkearning and remote control technologies.

Smart and effective.

Not require smploee training. Uses computer algoritm to start, operate and complete the process.

100% eco friendly.

Technology uses only electricity to purify gold and silver. Not require to build the special infrastructure.

How it works

  • Purchase hardware part.
  • We will deliver it.
  • Plug into any residential socket 220V.
  • Get remote control, machine learning assistance, and computer vision.
  • Computer installs the input parameters.
  • After 10-24 hours’ get the pure silver or gold.

Device at glance

Custom industrial solutions

We provide the custom industrial solutions with more advances industrial characteristics.

  • Real time purity monitoring
  • Power backup
  • Vacuum system

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